6 Awesome Underdog T-Shirts

Why is Underdog one of the most loved cartoons of all time? Underdog is a small and humble dog that lives in a city called “Needmore”. He has a love of science and an uncanny ability to transform into a superhero, where he can defeat the evil scientist Simon Bar Sinister and his henchmen, the “Flying Monkeys”.

Support your favorite team with the best underdog t-shirts. A underdog t-shirt is a perfect way to show your support for the team you love, even when they’re down. We’ve collected some of the best underdog shirts you’ll find online—all for a price you can afford.

  1. Underdog Flying Logo Retro Cartoon T Shirt & Stickers

Have you ever found yourself supporting the underdog? If so, you’ll appreciate these underdog t shirts.

2. Underdog Distressed Logo Retro Cartoon T Shirt

3. Men’s Underdog Flexing Double Sided Adult T-Shirt

4. Underdog Line Art Retro Cartoon T Shirt

5. Underdog Outline Under Women’s T Shirt

6. Animation Shops Underdog U Logo Suit T-Shirt

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