12 Awesome True Blood T-Shirts

Did you know that the TV series True Blood sold more than 7 million DVDs and that it spawned three complete seasons? The show is quite successful as it belongs to HBO, which has also produced Boardwalk Empire and Entourage. The latter is also a comedy-drama, but the first series was more of a satire.

The HBO vampire series is a true award-winning classic. If you’re a fan of this cult story, then you’ll love the show’s official merchandise. Official True Blood t shirts, hoodies and more are all available to buy now.

  1. True Blood Merlottes Bar and Grill Juniors White T-Shirt Tee

2. True Blood Label T-Shirt

3. True Blood Four Panel Season Two Poster T-Shirt

4. Fangtasia True Blood Vampire T Shirt

5. True Blood Vampires Love Forever V-Neck T-Shirt

6. True Blood Merlottes Bar and Grill Mens Black T-Shirt Tee

7. True Blood Sookie and Bill Neck Bite Juniors Girly T-Shirt

8. True Blood Fangtasia Club Logo Tank Top

9. Blood Stains Are Red Ultraviolet Lights Are Blue

10. True Blood Vampire Shirt

11. True Blood Fangtasia Club Logo Premium T-Shirt

12. True Blood Four Panel Season Two Poster Tank Top\

If you are a fan of True Blood and are looking for some True Blood T Shirts, then most likely you have already seen the official True Blood website. If not, I suggest you head over to the site and take a look at their merchandise. In this blog post I will show you some of my favorites.

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