10 Awesome Studio Ghibli T-Shirts

Studio Ghibli is an animation film production company based in Koganei, Tokyo. It was founded on June 15, 1985, after the success of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984), with funding by Tokuma Shoten. Studio Ghibli has also collaborated with video game studio Level-5 on several games, including Ni no Kuni with Yoshiyuki Momose, who was the character designer for several Ghibli films.

Fans are familiar with the characters of Studio Ghibli. They are often very cute, especially Totoro. Fans are impressed with the design of their clothing. So, the Studio Ghibli T-Shirts are very popular. We have collected some Studio Ghibli T-Shirts for you. Maybe, you will be interested in them.

  1. Studio Ghibli Logo T-Shirt My Neighbor Totoro Tee Top

2. Princess Mononoke -Ghibli Studio 49 T Shirt for Men Women Unisex

3. Stoned Shirts Totoro College of Forestry Studio Ghibli Tshirt

4. Shy Tótóró – Cóttón Uniséx T-Shirt l Stúdió Ghibli – My Néighboúr Tótóró

5. My Néighboúr Tótóró Pictúré Bóok Uniséx T-Shirt -Stúdió Ghibli T-Shirt, Tótóró,Ánimé, My Néighbór Tótóró – S,M,X,XL – Frée Délivéry UK

6. Limit Break Clothing Women’s Studio Ghibli Logo T-Shirt My Neighbour Totoro Top Tee

7. Léts Fly! – My Néighboúr Tótóró Pástél Árt – Uniséx T-Shirt – Stúdió Ghibli, Tótóró Shirts,Ánimé,Jápánésé – S,M,X,XL – Frée Délivéry UK

8. Tótóró. Uniséx T-Shirt – Stúdió Ghibli TShirt, Tótóró, Ánimé, My Néighbór Tótóró Shirt, Jápánésé Ánimátión – S,M,X,XL – Frée Délivéry UK

9. Tótóró Cómpilátión Skétch Uniséx T-Shirt – Stúdió Ghibli, My Néighboúr Tótóró, Jápánésé Ánimátión T-Shirt – S,M,X,XL – Frée Délivéry UK

10. Pónyó Uniséx T-Shirt – Stúdió Ghibli T Shirt, Ánimé Tée, Pónyó On Thé Clif, Jápánésé Ánimátión TShirts – S,M,X,XL – Frée Délivéry Tó Thé UK