12 Awesome Smurfs T-Shirts

The Smurfs have been around since 1958 – that’s more than half a century! The comic books have garnered more than 100 million readers worldwide and the little blue guys have had movies made about them, as well. Needless to say, they’re pretty popular.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Smurfs cartoon show, we have a large selection of shirts featuring Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and the rest of the gang from their village in New York. You’ll also find other licensed smurf t shirts such as the Smurfs movie, the Smurfs comic book series, and even smurf t shirts from their video game.

  1. The Smurfs – One for all

2. The Smurfs Group Smurfs Gargamel 01 T-Shirt

3. The Smurfs Smurfette Character Flowers 01 T-Shirt

4. The Smurfs – Running Smurf

5. The Smurfs Jokey Smurf Tongue 01 T-Shirt

6. Sleepy Smurf

7. The Smurfs – TLV hefty smurf

8. smurf – The t-shirt with text on it!

9. The Smurfs – Adventure

10. The Smurfs – Always the same thing

11. The Smurfs Smurfette Character Flowers 01 Raglan Baseball Tee

12. Rainy Vintage Smurf

Who doesn’t love smurfs? They are blue, they are cute, and they are a cultural phenomenon that has lasted for 50 years. Although the original series of smurf t shirts have been discontinued by the license owners, there are new smurf clothing and merchandise available from unlicensed producers.

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