12 Awesome Sanford & Son T-Shirts

There was a time when “Sanford and Son” was all the rage on TV and the show had many fans. But in real life, Redd Foxx’s character is not as lovable as the one he portrayed on TV. Redd Foxx is a funny man on stage but behind the camera, he could be a very angry and bitter man.

You can’t go wrong with a Sanford and Son T shirt. The old school show has been loved by generations and the humor is still relevant today. These are not the cheap shirts you see all over the place. These are high quality shirts that will last for years.

  1. Redd Foxx You Big Dummy Sanford and Son Adult T-Shirt Tee

2. Redd Foxx 1970s Big Dummy Comedy Sanford and Son Sitcom Adult Gray T-Shirt Tee

3. A&E Designs Sanford & Son Shirt You Just Dumb T-Shirt

4. A&E Designs Sanford & Son Shirt Champipple T-Shirt

5. Watch It Sucka Son in Sanford City funny meme T-Shirt

6. You big dummy vintage 80s Son in Sanford City funny meme T-Shirt

7. I want my daddy’s records Son in Sanford City funny meme T-Shirt

8. How about 5 cross yo lips Son in Sanford City funny and meme T-Shirt

9. Sanford and son funny meme Champipple T-Shirt

10. Tribute to Sanford and Son 1.0

11. Son in Sanford City Vintage 80s style funny and meme T-Shirt

12. I’m Coming To Join You Honey Sanford And Son T-Shirt

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