20 Awesome Robocop T-Shirts

The RoboCop franchise is a futuristic dystopian crime thriller set in a world where corporate interests are privileged above all else. It is based upon the character RoboCop, a cyborg police officer.

Are you one of the lucky ones who got your hands on the much-talked about Robocop t-shirts? If so, you could be in luck. There is a small number of these limited edition T-shirts available to the general public. These tees were part of a Kickstarter for a Robocop board game, and there are only a few left. The good thing is they aren’t going to break the bank.

  1. Popfunk Classic Robocop Movie Poster T Shirt & Stickers

2. RoboCop Collage Poster T-Shirt

3. RoboCop Tropical Floral Helmet FIll Premium T-Shirt

4. RoboCop Detroit Retro Style Portrait T-Shirt

5. RoboCop OCP: OMN: Consumer Products Distressed Logo T-Shirt

6. RoboCop Cruiser Photograph Logo Poster T-Shirt

7. T-Shirt Robocop 1987 Delta City OCP Alex Murphy Anne Lewis Clarence Boddicker Sci-fi Movie Cult Classic Film Fandom Vintage

8. Robocop Murphy Split Unisex Adult T Shirt for Men and Women

9. Womens RoboCop Photograph Slanted Logo Portrait V-Neck T-Shirt

10. RoboCop And Clarence Boddicker Portrait Logo T-Shirt

11. RoboCop I’d Buy That For A Dollar T-Shirt

12. RoboCop Part Man Part Machine All Cop Kanji Poster T-Shirt

13. RoboCop Tales From Detroit Presents RoboCop Comic T-Shirt

14. Robocop Sunshine Adult Black T-Shirt

15. RoboCop Dead Or Alive You’re Coming With Me Portrait Logo T-Shirt

16. Robocop Cityscape Adult Black T-Shirt (Adult

17. Robocop Built for Justice Adult Charcoal T-Shirt (Adult

18. RoboCop Say No To Drugs Propaganda Logo Poster T-Shirt

19. RoboCop Stylized Cartoon Poster T-Shirt

20. RoboCop Big Face Fade T-Shirt

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