20 Awesome Fraggle Rock T-Shirts

“Fraggle Rock was a British-American children’s live action puppet television series that was created by Jim Henson.

The Jim Henson Company has teamed up with Threadless to create a line of Fraggle Rock T-shirts based on the show’s characters and artwork. The shirts feature the following characters: Gobo, Wembley, Boober, Mokey, Red and Uncle Travelling Matt.

  1. Fraggle Rock – Circle Logo Adult Regular Fit T-Shirt

2. Fraggle Rock Group Hug T-Shirt

3. Fraggle Rock Spinning Gang T-Shirt

4. Fraggle Rock Fraggle Abstract T-Shirt

5. Fraggle Rock Dance T-Shirt

6. Fraggle Rock Boober Circle T-Shirt

7. Fraggle Rock Wembley Circle T-Shirt

8. Fraggle Rock Squared T-Shirt

9. Fraggles Rocks Fraggles 1 T-Shirt

10. Fraggle Rock Red Circle T-Shirt

11. Fraggle Rock Gobo Circle T-Shirt

12. Fraggles Funny Rocks For Men Women T-Shirt

13. Fraggle Rock Leaf Logo T-Shirt

14. Fraggle Rock Mokey Circle T-Shirt

15. Fraggle Rock In Pursuit T-Shirt

16. Dance your cares away T-Shirt

17. Rosi Fraggle T-Shirt

18. fraggle rock T-Shirt

19. dance your cares away T-Shirt

20. Fraggle Rock T-Shirt