18 Awesome Care Bears T-Shirts

The Care Bears are a group of fictional characters that first appeared in American Greetings cards in 1982. The original set of 7 bears are called “The Original Care Bears Family” or “The Original 7”. The original 7 are were Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear, Grumpy Bear, Share Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Wish Bear, and Bedtime Bear. Their mission was to make the world a better place for children. Later more Care Bears were added to the group.

Care Bears T-shirts are a fun way to wear your passion for the sweet and caring bears. What started as a greeting card in the late 1980s is now a beloved brand that has expanded into television and theater. The characters and message behind these t-shirts invite all ages to spread kindness and love to others.

  1. Care Bears Hug Dealer T-Shirt

2. Care Bears in the Clouds T-Shirt

3. Care Bears Trick or Sweet Bear T-Shirt

4. Care Bears: Unlock the Magic Grumpy Bear Not Today T-Shirt

5. Care Bears Love Light Glow T-Shirt

6. Care Bears: Unlock the Magic Hug Life T-Shirt

7. Care Bears Cheer Bear T-Shirt

8. Care Bears Funshine Bear T-Shirt

9. Care Bears Love Everyone T-Shirt

10. Care Bears Wish Bear T-Shirt

11. Don’t Care Bear Shirt – Hand Drawn – Direct To Garment Printed – Gift For Him or Her – Black Art Funny 90s Classic Tv

12. Care Bears Hopeful Heart Bear T-Shirt

13. Care Bears Grumpy University T-Shirt

14. Care Bears: Unlock the Magic Lineup T-Shirt

15. Womens Care Bears Have a Lucky Day V-Neck T-Shirt

16. Care Bears You Wish T-Shirt

17. Care Bears Heartsong Bear T-Shirt

18. Care Bears Sweet Dreams T-Shirt